Asset Management

Moving Media provide Media Asset Management services to publishers and archives, from secure back up of data to high volume data delivery anywhere in the world.

We support publishers of audio and video content in securing their   masters at multiple data hosting locations ensuring that assets are   available now and in the future.

We support publishers in streamlining their digital publishing   activities through effective system automation for transcoding masters to the various delivery formats used by publishing platforms such as iTunes, Audible, Brightcove, Youtube etc.

We support archives in providing access to their collections via the web, streaming video and audio through their existing websites or to new channels.

Moving Media have developed a custom media asset management framework that leverages best in breed hosting, cloud computing and CDN technologies to support a range of audio and video publishing applications.

Asset Management Services include:

  • Secure vault storage of Client AV data
  • On demand high volume data delivery
  • Secure Cloud Storage of audio and video masters
  • Online Video Streaming
  • Media Management Tools


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